Super Rich. Super Green.

We are quite familiar with the saying “You are what you eat”, and this is 100% true too, and so is the fact that your skin is what you apply on it. What we choose to put on the skin may have a plethora of benefits but do we know about the ingredients we put on it?

Well, we’ll have to go back in time to find answers to the question. Have you ever touched the skin of a baby? Isn’t it smooth as a marshmallow? You may have heard stories similar stories from your mother or grandmother. Then, as you enter your teens, there is a certain glow on your skin and it does heal very quickly– all thanks to the home remedies like Turmeric and Besan that our folks recommend. Then, as you grow, your skin tends to lose its supple texture, and wrinkles and spots start appearing as visible signs of aging. We tend to make this even worse by putting harsh chemicals on it.

So there are two points to be understood here – 1. The skin tends to lose its texture as we age and 2. The skin is at its best when we use naturally sourced ingredients.

Aging may not be stopped but health may be improved and maintained when the skin gets access to the right ingredients – naturally sourced ingredients.

Why naturally sourced ingredients?

Naturally sourced ingredients are bio-compatible and skin friendly.

Naturally sourced ingredients, especially the superfoods like leafy veggies, herbs, berries, avocados, pomegranates, etc, are loaded with bio-actives and peptides that strengthen and promote proper functioning of the skin cells.  Peptides and bio-actives improve the already existing physiological function of the skin, such as increasing skin permeability, interaction with the cell receptors, and stability. These ingredients have a strong influence on collagen homeostasis and thus have the ability to treat aged and photoaged skin.

The Skin Project Promise

The Skin Project brings to you the finest natural skincare products infused with Super Rich, Super Green ingredients bursting with goodness. Made with Indian origin superfoods and herbs, the products are so health and nutrition-rich that you’ll want to eat them right up! If they sound so good in written, imagine how good they would feel on your skin…

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